Investigation of Employee Absenteeism

Art. 2119 of the Italian Civil Code provides for the possibility of withdrawing from a contract "before the expiry of the term, if the contract is for a fixed period, or without notice, if the contract is for an indefinite period, if a cause arises that does not allow the continuation of the relationship, even temporarily".

Often, however, employers experience great difficulty in asserting their rights in the absence of real and documented evidence.

INSIDE conducts targeted investigation activities to find and document all evidence that can be used to legitimise the dismissal of an offending employee, particularly with regard to identification of the causes of absence and/or opportunistic behaviour incompatible with the employment relationship, to demonstrate:

  • Whether employees are performing two jobs;
  • Whether the employee’s sick leave is genuine or to be considered unjustified;
  • Whether parental leave, regulated by Law no. 104/1992, or trade union leave has been taken for genuine reasons;
  • Whether employees in temporary redundancy are working for other companies and receiving hidden earnings, in circumvention of the law.