• Sicurezza informatica, quando l'hacker è il dipendente

    Parla il Senior Security e Intelligence Analyst di Inside Agency: Il livello di protezione che accordiamo ai nostri dati non è alto quanto dovrebbe. L'azienda dev'essere protetta dall'interno...

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  • INSIDE AGENCY – Nuove opportunità nel mondo della business intelligence

    Intervista a Salvatore Piccinni, Senior Security e Intelligence Analyst

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  • Inside Agency per scovare i dipendenti assenteisti

    L'agenzia investigativa a fianco delle aziende per limitare il calo di produttività

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  • 7 reasons why water is vital for a sustainable future

    Climate change, extreme weather, health, rapid urbanization, water and sanitation, food security, energy and infrastructure are challenging communities around the world...

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  • Amazon Gets FAA Approval to Begin Testing Delivery Drones

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in late 2013 his intention to build a drone-based delivery service. This week the United States Federal Aviation Administration disclosed that...

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Security Outlook 2016

the Dossier "CYBER SECURITY OUTLOOK 2016" was achieved through a detailed analysis of open sources. For any further exploration please refer to INSIDE consultants.

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INSIDE gathers information, at a national and international level, that is useful to companies for risk management, in compliance with regulaions, professional ethics and corporate governance standards. The information is used to assess the economic, financial and reputaional risks of organisations and individuals with whom the company may establish business relations.

This series of information allows strategies and techniques to be prepared to counteract the dangers inherent in various market sectors (pharmaceuicals, automobiles, insurance, finance, government...), which can afect small businesses as well as larger companies....

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