• Sicurezza informatica, quando l'hacker è il dipendente

    Parla il Senior Security e Intelligence Analyst di Inside Agency: Il livello di protezione che accordiamo ai nostri dati non è alto quanto dovrebbe. L'azienda dev'essere protetta dall'interno...

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  • INSIDE AGENCY – Nuove opportunità nel mondo della business intelligence

    Intervista a Salvatore Piccinni, Senior Security e Intelligence Analyst

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  • Inside Agency per scovare i dipendenti assenteisti

    L'agenzia investigativa a fianco delle aziende per limitare il calo di produttività

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  • 7 reasons why water is vital for a sustainable future

    Climate change, extreme weather, health, rapid urbanization, water and sanitation, food security, energy and infrastructure are challenging communities around the world...

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  • Amazon Gets FAA Approval to Begin Testing Delivery Drones

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in late 2013 his intention to build a drone-based delivery service. This week the United States Federal Aviation Administration disclosed that...

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Security Outlook 2016

the Dossier "CYBER SECURITY OUTLOOK 2016" was achieved through a detailed analysis of open sources. For any further exploration please refer to INSIDE consultants.

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About Us

INSIDE provides information and news to guide companies in risk management, i.e. the assessment of the economic, financial and reputational risks they face, and in the development of effective and up-to-date tools and strategies to allow them to resolve and reduce threats, in whatever market sector (public administration, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, financial, insurance, etc.) or form of organisation (from small businesses to large companies with a multi-person administration system), both nationally and internationally.

The reports provided can relate to individuals or institutions, as well as politically exposed persons (PEPs) with whom financial institutions may establish business relations, namely, persons who hold or have held public office, and are thus more exposed to risks of money laundering, corruption, bribery or other such crimes.

All our services are provided in full compliance with regulations, principles of professional ethics and corporate governance standards.

We support our clients in their assessment of the value and financial health of potential business partners, as well as the professionalism of their employees, in order to reach a positive conclusion of business deals and avoid economic, financial and reputational risks.

Our corporate investigations contribute to the management of your company’s human resources with services to investigate employee absenteeism, corporate infidelity and unfair competition.

Our intelligence activity detects risks in business and interpersonal relations at a global level; the data collected is used to compose highly detailed profiles.

We assess the vulnerability level of your computer systems and perform careful diagnostic analysis to identify appropriate measures to ensure the security of your property information.

We deal with all data losses caused by human error, sabotage or events of any kind. Our IT staff work on the damaged or malfunctioning device with the aim of temporarily restoring its functionality in order to extract the data.

Our electronic debugging services can be requested by anyone with a suspicion of being spied on, whether privately and professionally, or by those who simply wish to ensure their privacy.

It is necessary that companies ensure the safety and security of travellers, especially when their destinations correspond to high-risk areas (e.g. countries subject to terrorist threats, environmental and health emergencies, high crime rate).

INSIDE's Security Division team, highly skilled and able to act quickly in every part of the world, provides the appropriate means to prevent potential risks for a company and identify and consequently manage crisis situations that may be met, thus ensuring resources and infrastructures security.

INSIDE's Training Division holds various specialized courses for targeted operator training, thus ensuring that the same comply with the psychological, physical and operational conditions required for effective crisis situations management.

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