Due Diligence & Compliance

Due Diligence: Gestione del rischio finanziario sicuro e professionale

Through these services, INSIDE supports its Clients in the assessment of the value and financial health of potential business partners, as well as the professionalism of employees or candidates for employment, in order to allow an aware and informed decision, and thus a positive conclusion to transactions, avoiding economic risks and associated financial and reputational damage. It is highly important to examine the profile of a company that may present risk factors or operate in a dangerous environment (ensuring compliance with current regulations: AML, KIC, FCPA), and the professional and personal profiles of its directors.

The research activities are carried out by specialised staff (including former police officers, journalists and professional experts capable of uncovering the most hidden information), operating both in Italy and abroad and including native speakers of the most widely used international languages.

The team employed consults a huge range of information channels, databases and public registers in various languages. These are, however, public sources and, as such, accessible to anyone (therefore verifiable) and compliant with the laws of the country concerned. They can be used to create a detailed profile of clients or business partners, and highlight their records, properties, involvement in lawsuits and regulatory violations.

In countries where the possibility of accessing certain types of information is limited, INSIDE integrates its Due Diligence & Compliance Investigation dossier with findings from on-the-spot investigations.
INSIDE provides the requested reports with highly competitive delivery times and costs. They often concern cases involving matters of corruption and money laundering, or preparatory investigations for operations such as mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions, private equity and investments in general. Given the large commitment in terms of movement of capital in such transactions, due diligence activities to profile the parties involved become essential.

The service therefore brings to light any risks involved in the transactions (financial relationships are often not consolidated, so there is no real knowledge of the other party), allowing the Client to address them in advance, thus contributing to their success or convincing him/her to reject them.

More specifically, the service allows information to be obtained on financial and operational track records, reputational, business and personal backgrounds, litigation, financial management, corporate problems, unrealistic expectations, liabilities not reflected in the financial statements and overstated profits.