Digital & Mobile Forensics

Analisi Forensics Digitale e Mobile: Recuperiamo i tuoi dati

INSIDE offers professional IT and technology services, skilfully combining considerable advanced business skills with proven experience in the recruitment and training of its specialists.

To provide the best possible support to its Clients (companies and lawyers, as well as private individuals who feel the need to monitor their children more closely), INSIDE has brought together the best expertise in the field of security in a special ranges of services known as IT Security.

The Service Line operates throughout Italy; the area of intervention of the INSIDE Forensics Division is described below:

Forensic Analysis and Incident Management (FOR-SEC): INSIDE’s intervention in this area is normally in response to errors, accidents, intrusions or legal action. The advice provided covers forensic analysis of digital media, secure deletion of data, the recovery of data from damaged digital storage media and the definition and implementation of technological processes and procedures for proper incident management. The staff that operate in this field hold GCFA and GCIH certification (SANS certifications) and follow the guidelines laid down by the US Department of Justice for the seizure and preservation of digital crime evidence.

Interventions can be carried out on a series of devices:

  • computers and storage devices - Computer Forensics;
  • electronic devices that use mobile technology - Mobile Forensics: mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and SIM cards, of any make and model;
  • "closed" equipment - Embedded Forensics: game consoles, skimmers used for the cloning of credit cards, PDAs, organisers, Mp3 players, databanks and closed circuit systems;
  • Internet - Network Forensics: e-mail; social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, MySpace...), data exchange systems (FTP, Peer to Peer...), VoIP (Skype is the best known), Virtual Private Networks (VPN);
  • software - Software Forensics: software illicitly possessed and marketed with a significant economic return for the perpetrator; encryption software, pirated video games; software designed to bypass security systems (password cracking).

The Service Line not only manages INSIDE’s own expertise, but also provides for the continuous training of its consultants and clients, with specific events ranging from seminars to safety courses organised internally or externally. The Service Line also includes SANS instructors who can give specialised courses with certification accredited under standard ISO 17024, such as perimeter security, incident management and web application security.

INSIDE considers it essential for the staff of the Service Line to be part of the development and innovation in the field of ICT Security, with active participation on the boards of SANS, OWASP and OSSTMM, as well as internal development projects ranging from advanced forensic analysis of digital signals to the definition of analytical systems for digital fraud prevention (pre-crime).