Human Intelligence

This is an intelligence activity consisting in collecting information through interpersonal contacts and, therefore, information provided by human sources (e.g. conversations with people who possess or are able to access relevant information: observations from refugees or war prisoners; information on matters specifically known by the contact person; news concerning interpersonal relationships and interest networks).

Humint is a bulwark in the field of espionage and in obtaining information, which may be performed by contacting a rival company's employee or unrelated subjects who, nonetheless, may be able to easily access data of interest.

When a new case is assigned, the Humint analyst working in INSIDE's Security Division first locates the desired information goal, then assesses the candidate's loyalty and propensity to treason in order to trace a full profile (all subject's features, such as character, ideology, behaviour, habits and social context, are taken into account).

An essential preliminary activity for Humint's information gathering is the selection of sources, their precise identification as well as the subsequent cross-check of collected data.