Investigation into Corporate Infidelity

Infidelity in the workplace has its legal basis in Art. 2105 of the Italian Civil Code, according to which "the employee may not conduct business, on his/her own behalf or that of third parties, in competition with the employer, nor divulge information concerning the company’s organisation and production methods or use it to the detriment of the company".

Current legislation is therefore aimed at protecting companies against any kind of particularly disloyal attitude by employees or partners that could harm the company or place it at a disadvantage, such as acts of corporate espionage and/or sabotage and/or otherwise professionally improper acts by partners or directors.

In cases of suspected corporate infidelity, INSIDE initiates a series of investigation procedures concerning the partner or employee aimed at highlighting and documenting all behaviours considered improper and harmful to the company and which violate the above-mentioned obligation of professional loyalty.