Data Recovery Intervention Methodology

INSIDE’s Forensics Division is able to handle all data losses caused by human error, sabotage or events of various kinds.

During the data recovery process, the IT personnel work on the broken or malfunctioning device or disk with the aim of temporarily restoring its functionality and extracting the data. The extracted information is then reconstructed and saved in a format accessible to the user.

  • Prognosis: once they receive the damaged data storage media, the IT Consultants of the INSIDE Forensics Division begin the prognosis (technical analysis) phase to identify the problem and understand which files can be recovered. When this analysis is completed, the Client is provided with a list of recoverable files, including a description of the state of integrity of each one.
  • Data Recovery: once the restoration of the recoverable files has been authorised, the data recovery phase begins, after which the files are stored on the Client’s external backup media.
  • Data Restitution: the backup media with the recovered data is sent to the Client by express courier. To ensure greater security, the data is encrypted and the password is sent by e-mail.