SSecurity Management Service: Safety of the company's assets, business support activities and strategic procedures

Security Management

The gradual increase in the risks inherent in business relationships has, over recent years, led corporate management to undertake a broader consideration about the role that the Security Manager is taking on when they provide real, direct support to business units, with the consequent development of new skills in the field.

The standard UNI 10459:1995 emphasises the centrality and the importance of corporate security professionals, by defining their role as "the study, development and implementation of strategies, policies and operational plans that are aimed at preventing, coping with and overcoming priority events of an intentional and/or negligent nature that could damage tangible and intangible resources, both organisation and human, and that the company has or needs to ensure have an adequate competitive capability over the short, medium and long term". In compliance with these regulatory requirements, and to ensure the overall security of an organisation, the INSIDE Security Division supplies its customers with the skills of experienced professionals and also holds the professional certifications in the Security field needed to manage the technical, organisational, economic and human aspects associated with its role.

In particular, the main functions of a Security Manager include managing the safety of the company's assets, the performance of business support activities and strategic implementation of procedures that are aimed at:

  • safeguarding and keeping corporate structures secure;
  • the management and protection of personnel;
  • formalisation of the internal procedures for company security;
  • defending the image and reputation of the company;
  • resolution of legal disputes;
  • assessing the reliability of business opportunities;
  • defining strategies for cost containment;
  • organisation of events and business meetings;
  • obtaining the professional certifications required by specific operational areas;
  • building relationships with institutional bodies and/or policies for handling particularly sensitive matters;
  • protecting computer networks, computer files and/or hard copies, as well as any other documents and/or information of a confidential nature;
  • prevention of computer attacks that could endanger the company's know-how.

The degree of complexity of issues that a Security Manager has to face depends on the nature of the activity and the size of the company. The Inside Security Division, with the help of a multidisciplinary team whose members are professionals with proven experience, can cater to your every need while ensuring reliability and competence.