Digital & Mobile Forensics

Analyse the content of your telephone or retrieve data from digital support through the best available professional equipment.

Network Forensics

Network Forensics consists in the capturing, recording and analysis of network communications, in order to obtain useful information for carrying out technical investigations in various legal fields.

Computer Forensics

IT Forensics, especially in the field of computer crime, is a branch of digital forensic science linked to evidence acquired from computers and other digital storage devices. This activity is focused on the analysis of digital devices through forensic analysis processes aimed at identifying, preserving, retrieving, studying and presenting facts or opinions on the information collected.

The Inside Agency team carries out extensive computer forensics investigations with the aim of collecting and analysing evidence valid for legal purposes in civil, commercial, criminal and taxation fields. Following their intervention, our experts draw up a detailed report and can also be present as witnesses in any possible legal proceedings.

Mobile Forensics

Mobile telephones, smartphones, tablets and portable devices generally are increasingly used and contain a lot of personal information, such as passwords, text messages, conversations, emails and much more.

The Inside Agency team, thanks to its expertise in the field of IT security and having the most advanced technologies on the market, analyses the information contained within mobile devices in order to identify, preserve, examine and document digital information that could be of fundamental importance.

Database Forensics

The Database Forensics service analyses the databases, looking for any data and tables that have been deleted and/or tampered with, reconstructing the events that caused any damage, as well as identifying criminal activity and the causes that gave rise to the IT incident.