Pre-Employment Investigations

The addition of a new professional figure to its structure (for example, a new manager), is considered a major investment for a company. A choice made too hastily, without the necessary precautions, could place a strategic role in the wrong hands, with the risk, over time, of major logistical and economic/financial repercussions, as well as harm to the company’s reputation.

INSIDE provides senior management required to choose a new figure with a series of investigative activities, fully compliant with the provisions of Art. 8 of Law 300/70 (Workers’ Statute), for assessing the suitability of the candidate.

More specifically, it offers a “customised” investigative dossier on the individual and/or business partner, aimed at determining their reliability as a partner for business relations and/or professional and/or corporate assignments.

An examination is made of all the indicators of the individual’s competence and reliability, as well as information collected on-the-spot concerning any detrimental business and/or personal aspects.

The trust that the employer must be able to place in a worker is a fundamental prerequisite for creating a successful company.