Vulnerability assessment and mitigation Services

Vulnerability assessment and mitigation

The Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation (VAM) method adopted by the INSIDE Cyber Security Division consists of a series of non-invasive activities aimed at evaluating the effectiveness and strength of the security systems used by your company, and identifying known vulnerabilities in case of a cyber attack. These initial intervention phases are followed by the adoption of countermeasures aimed at improving the security of your systems.

VAM should be implemented in various stages throughout the year, since the technology is constantly developing, as are the tools used to attack systems.

The INSIDE Cyber Security Division develops the following levels of VAM:

  • Data Base: our analysis focuses in particular on the DBs mostly commonly used by companies (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SYBASE Server, etc.). The assessment is done using highly sophisticated tools and software, and includes an automatic scan of these databases to identify and analyse weak points that are prone to attack. All companies “store” their business information in these types of databases, which, being constantly reorganised for better use, are exposed to attacks by parties with malicious intent, such as competitors.
  • Telephone Network: an attack on a telephone network is commonly known as ‘war dialling’. It is a frequently used form of computer attack, as the telephone network is more vulnerable due to the presence of bugs. The attack involves automatic scanning of an entire telephone network, including switchboards, modems and telephone equipment.